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Sanwa DCM2000DR True RMS Clamp Meters; DC/AC ammeter, resistor/capacitor/frequency/diode/VFD test, Dual display shows

Price: 757.6 USD

UNI-T UPO2074CS Ultra Phosphor Oscilloscope 4 Channels 70 MHz up 1GS/s 50 000wfms/s USB Digital fluorescent Oscilloscope

Price: 681.54 USD

UNI-T UTD2202CE Dual Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope 200MHz Bandwidth 1GS/s Sample Rate 5.7-inch Color Screen

Price: 724.27 USD

UNI-T UTD2102CM 100MHZ 1GS/s Digital Storage Oscilloscopes DSO 7" TFT LCD Dual Channels Scopemeters w/16Mpts & USB

Price: 619.04 USD

HCM380 80 Degress Inclination Compensation 3d Electronic Compass, Vehicle Electronic Compass, Magnetic Sensor Module

Price: 500 USD

UNI-T UTD2202CE 200MHz 1GS/s 5.7" TFT LCD Scopemeter w/USB Device Dual / 2 Channels DSO Desktop Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Price: 603.56 USD

UNI-T UT595 Multifunction Loop Testers Earth Ground Line Loop Impedance Tester Insulation Resistance Meter w/RCD Protection

Price: 602.37 USD

UNI-T UPO2102CS Super Fluorescent Oscilloscope, Sampling Rate 1GS / s, 2-Channel, 100MHz Bandwidth, 8 "TFT LCD

Price: 738.56 USD

UNI-T UT572 Advance Earth Reistance Tester, Digital Ground Resistance Test/Soil Resistivity Test Data Storage LCD Backlight

Price: 611.89 USD

HN-2 Intelligent Vibration Transmitter Digital Display Fan Online Monitoring Vibration Sensor 4-20mA Output

Price: 580 USD

A8H mercury slip-ring conductive slip-ring 8-way rotary connector MERCOTAC M830

Price: 508 USD

UNI-T UTD2102CM Dual Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100MHz Bandwidth 1GS/s Sample Rate 7 "Color Screen

Price: 742.84 USD

UNI-T UT223A large caliber leakage clamp ammeter, 4000A AC clamp meter data storage RS-232 data transmission LCD backlight

Price: 800.7 USD

UNI-T UT267B Intelligent Three Clamp Phase Voltammeter, Phase Sequence Measurement Data Storage Detection Rate

Price: 852.13 USD

Laser Power Board, Laser Diode Driver, LD Driver, 15A48V 60V 72V

Price: 558 USD

Xilinx Kintex 7 Kintex-7 K7 XC7K325T FPGA PCIE Development Board DDR3

Price: 504 USD

Sanwa PC720M Digital Multimeters/High accuracy/built-in memory (PC Link); Dual Data Display True RMS Multimeter Temperature Test

Price: 721.06 USD

A1H35S mercury conductive slip ring (1 350A current) Asiantool mercury rotating joint

Price: 504.2 USD

UNI-T UTD1062C Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 2 Channels / 60MHz Bandwidth / 250MS / s Sample Rate

Price: 828.56 USD

Smart Sensor AR922+ Digital Non-Contact Infrared Laser IR Thermometer Gun Metallurgy,Forging,Furnaces,High Temperature Fields

Price: 663.08 USD

UNI-T UT-P40 Current probe 100kHz 0.4A-60A, UT-P41 Current probe 100kHz 0.05A-100A, suitable for UTD / UPO series oscilloscope

Price: 732.84 USD

UNI-T UT267B Intelligent 2/3 Phase Clamp Voltammeter; three-clamp phase volt-ampere meter, RS232 data transmission/data storage

Price: 710.11 USD

LDDC-xxAyyV-MA laser power board, LD driver board, 45A22V, voltage adaptive

Price: 598 USD

UNI-T UPO2074CS Super Fluorescent Oscilloscope, Sampling Rate 1GS / s, 4-Channel, 70MHz Bandwidth, 8 "TFT LCD

Price: 817.84 USD


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