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DC-DC 2V-5V to 5V 1200MA 1.2A Step-Up Booster USB Mobile Power Supply Module Lithium Battery Charger Board For Phone Camera

Price: 0.7 USD

1pcs Goose electronic HX711 module weighing sensor 24 AD module pressure sensor /SCM,DIY preferred for Arduino

Price: 0.6 USD

TTP223 Module Capacitive Touch Switch Button Self-Lock Key Module 2.5-5.5V

Price: 0.3 USD

Vibration Sensor Module Normally Opened Type SW18010P Vibration switch alarm sensor module for Arduino

Price: 0.3 USD

1PCS Hot Sale Reading and Writing Module SD Card Module Slot Socket Reader ARM MCU for arduino DIY Starter Kit

Price: 0.45 USD

New product ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board Test Module For Arduino AVR SMD

Price: 0.58 USD

HR202 Humidity Sensor Module Humidity Testing Module Humidity Detection 3.3 V to 5 V

Price: 0.45 USD

High Quality Passive Buzzer Module for Arduino New DIY Kit

Price: 0.34 USD

KY-009 3 Colour RGB SMD LED Board Module 5050 Full Color LED DC 5V

Price: 0.29 USD

1pcs/lot mini RS232 MAX3232 Levels to TTL level converter board serial converter board Dropshipping

Price: 0.19 USD

DIY KIT 3.3V/5V Ceramic Piezo Vibration Sensor Module Analog Controller Electronic Components Supplies Sensor for Arduino UNO R3

Price: 0.74 USD

Thermistor temperature sensor module thermal sensor module thermal sensors DO the digital output/temperature control switch

Price: 0.57 USD

CH340 Mini serial port module of PL2303 , CH340E RS232 to TTL module upgrade USB to serial port in nine Brush small plates

Price: 0.86 USD

New product ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board Test Module For Arduino AVR SMD

Price: 0.52 USD

1pcs CP2102 module USB to TTL serial UART STC download cable PL2303 Super Brush line upgrade

Price: 0.91 USD

WTV020 WTV020-SD WTV020SD-20SS Mini SD Card MP3 Sound Module voice module For PIC Arduino 2560 UNO R3 WTV020-SD-16P

Price: 1.3 USD

DC 3-24V High-decibel Alarm 2 Wire Industrial Electronic Alarm Continuous Sound Speaker Buzzer SFM-27

Price: 0.85 USD

GY-LSM6DS3 Accelerometer Gyro Embedded Digital Temperature Sensor Board SPI IIC I2C Interface Breakout Module LSM6DS3

Price: 1.39 USD

5V IR Infrared Remote Decoder Encoding Transmitter Receiver Wireless Module Quality in Stock

Price: 1.4 USD

Super Mini Digital Amplifier Board 1* 5W Class D Digital 2.5V To 5.5V Power Amplifier Board Efficient Class AB D Optional

Price: 0.69 USD

PCF8591 AD / DA Conversion of to Digital /Digital-to- Converter Module Temperature Illumination

Price: 1.3 USD

PCF8574 PCF8574T I/O For I2C IIC Port Interface Support Cascading Extended Module For Arduino Expansion Board High Low Level

Price: 1.03 USD

VORED Weaving TPE Usb type C charger Mobile phone Charging cable 1meter Cable usb tipo c 2A T1

Price: 4.5 USD

5A Sensor Range of Single-Phase Module Ac Current Sensor Module For Arduino

Price: 0.75 USD


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