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F249 4 PIN Infrared Speed Sensor Module For Arduino/51/AVR/PIC 3.3V-5V High Quality

Price: 0.31 USD

Smart Electronics DHT11 Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor Module for arduino Diy Kit

Price: 0.85 USD

KIS3R33S DC-DC Adjustable Step Down Module Highest Efficiency of 95% Kis-3r33S Super LM2596 Power Supply Buck Module

Price: 1.5 USD

Pulse Sensor Kit for arduino Pulsesensor Heart Rate Module with Fitting

Price: 1.73 USD

High Sensitivity Sound Microphone Sensor Detection Module For arduino AVR PIC KY-037

Price: 0.35 USD

GY-50 L3G4200D Triple Axis Gyro Angular Velocity Sensor Module IIC / SPI Communication Protocol

Price: 1.34 USD

1PCS High Quality 3A Adjustable DCDC LM2596 LM2596S input 4V-35V Output 1.23V-30V dc-dc Step-down Power Supply Regulator module

Price: 0.65 USD

10Pcs CJMCU Micro USB Board Power Adapter 5V Breakout Switch Interface Module

Price: 1.15 USD

MH-ET LIVE MAX30102 Heart rate Sensor Module Puls detection Blood oxygen concentration test For Arduino Ultra-Low Power

Price: 1.6 USD

Low Power MAX30102 Heart Rate Oxygen Pulse Breakout for Arduino Replace MAx30100

Price: 1.64 USD

10 pcs 5V Transmitter Laser Sensor Module 6mm 5V 5mW 650nm Red Laser Dot Diode Copper Head PIC AVR 2015 New

Price: 2.5 USD

10Pcs TTP223 Touch Key Switch Module Touch Button Capacitive Switches Self-Locking/No-Locking Capacitive Touch Switches

Price: 0.9 USD

GY-271 HMC5883L 3V-5V Three 3 Triple Axis Magnetic Field Compass Magnetometer Sensor Module ForArduino IIC Board

Price: 1.43 USD

3D Printer RAMPS 1.4 Endstop Mechanical End Stop Limit Switch Module With Cable

Price: 0.65 USD

ESP8266 serial WIFI model ESP-07 Authenticity Guaranteed ESP07 esp07

Price: 1.51 USD

MEGA 2560 R3 Proto Prototype Shield V3.0 Expansion Development Board + Mini PCB Breadboard 170 Tie Points for arduino DIY

Price: 1.82 USD

NE555 pulse frequency, duty cycle adjustable module,square/rectangular wave signal generator,stepping motor driver

Price: 0.53 USD

801S Vibration Sensor Vibration Module Analog Output Sensitivity Adjustable

Price: 1.26 USD

1pcs TTP223 Capacitive Touch Sensor Switch Module DC2.5V-5.5V self-locking or jog mode with LED lamp

Price: 0.4 USD

650nm Red Dot Point Laser Diode Module 5mW Focus Adjustable Laser Metal Glass Lens Head Industrial Diameter 12MM

Price: 1.3 USD

1PCS ST LINK Stlink ST-Link V2 Mini STM8 STM32 Simulator Download Programmer Programming With Cover

Price: 1.73 USD

20pcs Ultra-small size DC-DC step-down power supply module 3A adjustable step-down module super LM2596

Price: 15.6 USD

DC-DC 24V/12V To 5V 5A Step Down Power Supply Buck Converter Replace LM2596S Adjustable USB Step-down Charging Module For Phone

Price: 1.9 USD

5S 4.2v li-ion balancer board 18650 21V li-ion balncing full charge battery balance board

Price: 0.99 USD


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