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MTC200A1600V MTC200-16 thyristor module

Price: 29.2 USD

MKPH-RDTR 3000V AC 0.14UF 0.15UF 0.16UF AC resonant capacitor 80K

Price: 29.73 USD

2 inch special pneumatic conveyor air amplifier pneumatic conveyor vacuum amplifier

Price: 27.7 USD

Interdigital electrode interdigital array microelectrode interdigital electrode ceramic electrode finger electrode

Price: 28 USD

Japanese/German glassy carbon electrode 2/3/4/5mm glassy carbon electrode GC electrode

Price: 28 USD

Second-hand Old Dial Telephone/pulse to Dual Tone Converter Support Europe, America and Japan Telephone Enhanced Version

Price: 27 USD

TFS-T71 advanced fingerprint access control module fingerprint switch fingerprint door lock fingerprint lock

Price: 28 USD

DTH 0.047UF 20000VDC Ultra-high Voltage Capacitor Voltage-doubling Boost Capacitor

Price: 28 USD

600-700 nm High Permeability Red Filter Band-pass Filter Filter Customized Various Filters

Price: 26.4 USD

Splitter 50/50 45 degree optical semi-reflective and semi-transparent, 80*80*1.1 mm, size can be customized

Price: 28.8 USD

217 saturated calomel electrode, 217 double salt bridge reference electrode, 217 straight calomel electrode

Price: 30 USD

DTR 0.75UF 3000VAC 80A 3000V AC High Frequency Resonant Capacitor 50K

Price: 23 USD

The peak transmittance of coated glass lens is more than 93% and 830-960 nm infrared passes through the filter.

Price: 21 USD

650-1100 Nm Bandpass Filter Red Near Infrared Filter Can Be Customized

Price: 20.93 USD

Interphone Accessories Subphonic Dumbboard TSU-7 CTCSS BOARD

Price: 26 USD

12V Power Supply 12V1A Output Wireless Power Supply Wireless Charging Module XKT801-26

Price: 25.5 USD

Thyristor Module MTX110-16 110A/1600V Thyristor Module

Price: 23.5 USD

AOTUKER Rectifier Module Rectifier Bridge Module MDC90-16 90A 1600V

Price: 22 USD

STM32H750 STM32 Development Board Core Board V Version 480mhz

Price: 21 USD

Interphone Accessories Subphonic Dumbboard TSU-8 CTCSS BOARD

Price: 23.5 USD

Ionization Gauge Zj-51-52t 54d Resistance Gauge Metal Vacuum Gauge Measuring Instrument Coating Machine Accessories

Price: 24.09 USD

3000VAC MKPH-R DTR Resonance Capacitor 5000VDC 0.08UF 80NF

Price: 22 USD

1 Million HD 720P Camera Module USB Camera Face Recognition Camera Module Drive-free

Price: 24.15 USD

Chi111 Ag/AgCl (Ag/AgCl) Reference Electrode

Price: 26.2 USD


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