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Neutral attenuator transmittance T=3%12.5*1mm

Price: 12.5 USD

Second-hand Old Turntable Telephone Special Pulse Conversion Double-tone Multi-frequency DTMF Module DIALOOR 1952 Version

Price: 13 USD

MCH Ceramic Heating Plate 5V/12V/24V/110V Heating Plate

Price: 7.8 USD

MCH High Temperature Ceramic Heating Sheet Temperature Rising Fast 20*20*1.7MM Temperature up to 500-700 degrees

Price: 10.6 USD

MCH High Temperature Ceramic Heating Sheet Alumina Heating Sheet 20*15*1.2MM12 Euro 15 Euro 3.7v5V12V24V

Price: 8.9 USD

TO-3 Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Sheet AIN High Thermal Conductivity High Temperature Resistant Aluminum Nitride Ceramic

Price: 36 USD

99 Porous Alumina Ceramic Sheet 50*50*5/10 Thick Corundum Plate High Temperature Resistant Ceramic Substrate 100*100*10

Price: 8.1 USD

Single Chip Box/New Silicon Chip /Wafer /Sample Protection/Quartz Glass Box/PP Box

Price: 7.6 USD

Constant Temperature PTC Aluminum Shell Heating Sheet 220V

Price: 13 USD

Splitter 50/50 Splitter Semi-transparent Semi-Reflective Optical Lens Circular Square Glass Sheet for Detection

Price: 10.6 USD

Miniature Disc Type Coreless Vibration Hand Crank Permanent Magnet Generator Low Speed Low Resistance Magnetic Levitation

Price: 8 USD

560 Nm Narrowband Pass Filter 540-590 Nm, 1 Mm Thick

Price: 10.2 USD

Aluminum nitride ceramic sheet AIN ceramic gasket High thermal conductivity fins Shaped non-standard custom-made aluminum nitrid

Price: 7.4 USD

532 nm Narrow Band Filter Bandwidth 50 nm Through Green Dimensions

Price: 13 USD

38*24*1.1mm for optical projection of aluminized mirrors on the front surface of planar aluminized mirror

Price: 20.8 USD

MCH Ceramic Heating Plate, Alumina Ceramic Plate, 26*1.2mm Ceramic Heating Plate, 24V Heating Plate

Price: 28 USD

Thyristor KP5A (3CT) Silicon Rectifier Triode Thyristor (spiral)

Price: 14 USD

Hollow Coil Self-adhesive Coil Enameled Wire Copper Coil Wireless Induction Coil

Price: 14 USD

The Transmittance and Diameter of ZAB02 Neutral Attenuator Neutral Density Film Are 0.1% and 16*2mm Respectively.

Price: 30.7 USD

FR-4 Base Interdigital Electrode Standard Interdigital Electrode Polymer Base Electrode

Price: 28 USD

MKPH-R DTR-L High Current High Frequency High Voltage Electromagnetic Heating Half-Bridge 800VDC 10UF Filtering

Price: 23 USD

Chrome-plated Tungsten Rod Chrome-plated Tungsten Rod Tungsten Rod Chromium Plating Thermal Evaporation Coating

Price: 19 USD

High Thermal Conductivity Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Sheet AIN Ceramic Gasket TO-220 / 247

Price: 13 USD

Turkish Tea Cup Set Black Tea Modern 6 PCs 125ml Best Cup Coffee Home Cafe Anatolian Vibes

Price: 28 USD


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