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HTK2017 Electric Intelligent Valve Controller Regulating Valve Proportional Valve Control Module Electric Control Module

Price: 71.6 USD

Single-phase bridge thyristor DC rectifier and voltage regulator MT2DC-1-220V55A

Price: 72 USD

RTL8762CKF-EVB Bluetooth 5.0 Ultra-Low Power Solution Supports Analog MIC Interface

Price: 62.7 USD

Customizable RS-232/422/485 Level 5/12V Navigation GPS Module Antenna Receiver 4800 Baud Rate

Price: 64 USD

MTC200 / 250/300 / 350-16 Thyristor Module 200A250A300A350A 1600V

Price: 64 USD

Adjustable flow pneumatic conveyor/air amplifier/vacuum conveyor/feeder and suction

Price: 66.6 USD

MY50 Large Flow Back Suction Valve Silicone Glass Glue Coated Large Export Medium High Viscosity Dispensing Valve

Price: 66.56 USD

SP1000PW Base Station Antenna Coaxial Lightning Arrester Waterproof Feeder Lightning Arrester 1GHz

Price: 60 USD

15W Miniature Disc Ironless Core Generator Low Speed High Efficiency Unobstructed Wind Power Hydraulic

Price: 62 USD

5MHZ10 PT-12 PT-08 PT-06 ZT-12 High Temperature Probe GT12

Price: 58.59 USD

Special Toxic Gas Detection for ME4-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor

Price: 58.9 USD

Ultrasonic Thickness Probe 5M PT-08 Metal Thickness Instrument Probe 5P8 Thickness Gauge 5MHZ8

Price: 58.8 USD

USBi simulator /SigmaDSP simulator /ADAU1701/ADAU1401/EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ

Price: 61.6 USD

ZKP3808 1024 Pulse Line of 8mm Hollow Anti-jamming Hollow Hollow Hole Hollow Hole Hole Rotary Encoder

Price: 53 USD

Ammonia sensor MQ137 transmitter NH3 chicken house public toilet pig farm detection 4-20 mA output RS485

Price: 56.99 USD

EPC-YX10 Ultrasound Photoelectric Deviation Correction Execution System Deviation Correction Control Tension Magnetic Powder

Price: 53.5 USD

Spectral pure graphite electrode, graphite disc , isotropic

Price: 53 USD

UT-2112 232 Serial Photoelectric Isolator 9-wire All-pass RS232 Serial Port Repeater Lightning Protection Communication Module

Price: 56 USD

Five-port sealed electrolytic cell, three-electrode system, two-electrode system threaded seal

Price: 55 USD

EMC EMI Low Noise RF Amplifier 20dB 30MHz-3.5GHz RFamp002

Price: 50.8 USD


Price: 51 USD

Absolute Encoder RS485 Interface 1024P

Price: 47.5 USD

100 Line 200 Line 300 Line 500 Line 600 Line 1000 Line 20*20mm Two-dimensional Holographic Orthogonal Grating

Price: 48 USD

Encoder Incremental Photoelectric Rotary Encoder 1200 Pulse Line ABZ High Anti-interference

Price: 49 USD


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