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10pcs 19 inch wide sreen LCD CCFL lamp backlight ,CCFL backlight tube,418MMx2.4mm,CCFL light

Price: 9.8 USD

SSL400-0E2D SSL400_0E2D REV0.0 SSL400-0E2A SSL400-0E2B SSL400-0E2C can be employed universally.

Price: 7.7 USD

New Kit Good quality 20PCS LED strip For LG 49UV340C 49UJ6565 49UJ670V V17 49 R1 L1 ART3 2862 2863 6916L-2862A 6916L-2863A

Price: 89.8 USD

3pcs/lot 20.1'' 455mm Adjustable brightness led backlight strip kit,Update 20.1inch wide LCD CCFL to LED backlight

Price: 14.54 USD

T87D085.00 L460H1-4EA-A002C Article lamp V460H1-LE3-TREF2 TLEF2 1piece=65LED 518MM

Price: 39.5 USD

2PCS 490mm Adjustable brightness led backlight strip kit,Update your 22inch ccfl lcd wide screen panel monitor to led bakclight

Price: 9.9 USD

FOR Samsung UA55C8000XF LED TV LED LJ64-02386A LJ64-02391A 1piece=80LED 618MM

Price: 23.8 USD

New 16 PCS/set LED backlight strip for Saumsung UN60JU7100F S_5U70-60_FL_R6 L8 LM41-00120X 00120Y V5DU-600DCA-R1 V5DU-600DCB-R1

Price: 42.99 USD

FOR skyworth 37E700S Article lamp 1555-R3700100-01-LA CRH-CW3770201503R25VREV1.0 1piece=45LED 405MM

Price: 38.8 USD

JUCA7.308.00104140 Article lamp STJ550AB3-REV01 1piece=72LED 604MM

Price: 81.88 USD

(New Kit) 9 PCS SVH480A08 4LED REV02 480mm LED backlight strip for 48 inch TV LED48EC520UA LED48K300U

Price: 26.59 USD

1set=12 Pieces/lot new 47"LED strip 6916L-1174A 6916L-1175A 6916L-1176A 6916L-1177A,(3*R1,3*R2,3*L1,3*L2)

Price: 20.99 USD

New1 Pieces/lot 72 LEDs 520MM LED backlight strip for 46-DOWN LJ64-03035A SLED 2011SGS46 5630 72 LTA460HJ15 46SL412U 46FT5453

Price: 26.9 USD

FOR konka LED42R5100DE Article lamp 35016488 35016489 37020153 1piece=57LED 478MM

Price: 22.8 USD

FOR konka LED47R5500PDF Article lamp KPL+470B1LED2 35018076 35018077 1piece=60LED 525MM

Price: 21.99 USD

LED backlight strip 5 lamp for LG Innotek 49inch TV Pana sonic TX 49DS500B TX 49DS500E TZLP151KHAB6 TZLP151KHAB1 TX 49DS500B

Price: 31.99 USD

FOR Samsung UA46C5000QR Article lamp LMB-4600BM11 screen T460FAE1-DB 1piece=64LED 522MM

Price: 21 USD

FOR konka LED42MS91DC Article lamp 37018476-A 35015719 35015720 35015766 1piece=66LED 478MM

Price: 46.6 USD

Universal 17 inch CCFL Single Lamps for LCD Monitor w/ Frame Backlight Assembly 355mm*6mm new

Price: 25.99 USD

SVS320AD7 article 32 inch light screen LTA320AP33 1set = 93PCS ( 1set=6PCS 7LED +3PCS 6LED)

Price: 21.99 USD

LED Backlight strip 18 lamp for LG INNOTEK 23.6 inch 24MT45D 22MA31D 24MT47D-PZ 24MT40D 24E510E V236B1-LE2-TREM11 V236BJ1-LE2

Price: 10.3 USD

3PCS HL-00320A28-0701S-04 A3 D3 32LEM-1009/T2C 180.DT0-32D900-0H LE-32D7 JSL 32lem-1007/t2c , cx315dledm 180.DTO-3218000-2H

Price: 24.99 USD

15pcs 355mm Adjustable brightness led backlight strip kit,Update your 17inch ccfl lcd screen panel monitor to led bakclight

Price: 47.7 USD

NEW 30PCS 590mm LED Backlight strip 7 Lamp For 32 inch TV 1901 66MAG RH-D32071235-334AS-M

Price: 136.88 USD


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