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FOR Haier LE42B70 backlight 015B8000-A49-001-9803 V-9803-A49-10 1piece=54LED 475MM

Price: 26.6 USD

100 Pieces/lot original new LED strip for KONKA KDL40SS662U 35019864 KDL39SS662U 35018339 4 LEDs(6V) 327mm

Price: 145.45 USD

10pcs LED strip for LG INNOTEK DRT 3.0 50" A/B 6916L-1978A 6916L-1779A 6916L-1982A 6916L-1983A 50LB5610 50LB650V 50LB653V

Price: 32.99 USD

20pcs 19'' 395mm Adjustable brightness led backlight strip kit,Update 19inch LCD ccfl panel to LED backlight

Price: 74 USD

LED Backlight strip 9 Lamp For LG 47" TV innotek DRT 3.0 47" 47LB6300 47GB6500 47LB652V 47lb650v LC470DUH 47LB5610 47LB565V

Price: 58.99 USD

10pcs LED strip For LG Innotek DRT 3.0 55"_ A/B type Rev01 55LB561V 55LB652T LC550DUE LG55LF5950 55LY320C 55LB5700 55LF6500

Price: 31.8 USD

New Kit 10 PCS 6LEDs 615mm LED backlight strip for LG 32inch TV 32LH60_HD SSC_32inch_HD

Price: 51 USD

17'' 355mm Adjustable brightness led backlight strip kit,Update 17inch LCD ccfl panel to LED backlight

Price: 74 USD

393mm LED Backlight strip 44 Lamp For LED32K160JD Hisense 32 inch TV HE315GH-B11 RSAG7.820.5102 GT-1119424-A

Price: 12.5 USD

FOR skyworth 55E710U Article lamp 1555-R5500201-01 TY-140812D E227809 4413JKDD-HY-5000R060-S-1-4Z8-0011 1piece=54LED 607MM

Price: 53.3 USD

New 15 PCS 8LED 850mm LED backlight strip for LG 43UH6030 43UF640 HC430DGN-SLNX1 UF64_UHD_A 43LH60FHD EAV63192501

Price: 89.8 USD

new 10pcs/set LED Backlight strip 18 lamp for LG INNOTEK 23.6 inch 24MT45D 22MA31D V236B1-LE2-TREM11 V236BJ1-LE2 307mm

Price: 62.8 USD

LED Backlight Lamp strip 9leds For LG 47 inch TV innotek DRT 3.0 47"_A/B type 47LB6300 47GB6500 47lb653v 6916L 1948A 1949A

Price: 27.89 USD

FOR Samsung UA55C7000 Article lamp LJ64-02386A LJ64-02391A 2010SVS55 120/240HZ-80 V1.0 1piece=80LED 617MM

Price: 47.7 USD

P650HVN02.2 T645HW05 V2 LED 64T05-D0A Article lamp 1piece=40LED 377MM 2piece AND 399MM 2piece

Price: 108.8 USD

Free ship 5PCS 268mm Adjustable brightness led backlight strip kit,Update 12.1inch-wide laptop LCD ccfl panel to LED backlight

Price: 32.8 USD

FOR Haier LE50A900K Article lamp 075243N31C screen V500HK1-LS5 1piece=28LED 315MM

Price: 25.5 USD

LED Backlight Lamp strip 12leds For LG 55" TV 55LN5400 55LN5200 INNOTEK POLA2.0 55 Innotek POLA 2.0 55 55la620v 55LN549C

Price: 50 USD

FOR skyworth 55E610G Article lamp 6922L0048A 6916L1 screen LC550EUN(SF F1) 1piece=84LED 695MM

Price: 37.7 USD

FOR Hisense LED24K16PG Article lamp RSAG7.820.2242 screen V236H1-LE2 1piece=62LED 475MM

Price: 28.8 USD

FOR Hisense LED39K610X3D Article lamp V390H1-LS6-TREM2 screen V390H1-LS6

Price: 28.8 USD

Free shipping 30pcs 125 MM length LCD CCFL lamp backlight , CCFL backlight tube,125MMx2.0mm, 125MM length CCFL

Price: 40.88 USD

FOR LG screen LC470EUN Article lamp 6922L-0017A 6920L-0131C 6916L0700A 1piece=48LED 593MM

Price: 36.6 USD

New 15 PCS*6LED 560mm LED backlight strip for SVJ320AG2 130307 32D2000 SVJ320AK3 SVJ320AL1

Price: 52.8 USD


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